Portuguese custard tarts – pastéis de nata

Aside from surfing and the wonderful group of girls I got to spend a week with, the best part of the week was my daily indulgence in Portuguese custard tarts . Locally known as pastéis de nata, they are a flaked tart filled with custard.

They were a staple part of my diet in Portugal, usually enjoyed along with coffee in a beach restaurant while we waited for the waves to behave themselves. When I returned to Northern Ireland, I made it my mission to find a recipe (and make it my own).

portuguese custard tarts pastéis de nata

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5 of my favourite airlines

Flying doesn’t excite me; getting to the destination and putting my feet up does. I am never going to be someone who gets excited about leaving for the airport and does so six hours before their flight time.

worlds best airlines

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9 alternative ways to travel light

There is no doubt about it; I travel light.  When I travel long term, I use my Osprey Farpoint 55 backpack to carry all my worldly possessions (and my electronics take up most of the day bag). I never had any problems with “having too much stuff”; maybe I had to sit on it to close it the odd time, but that was manageable.

I use the same bag for my shorter trips as well. It’s comfortable, lightweight and its size means it is suitable to carry on board.

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6 stunning Game of Thrones locations

I am going to begin with a disclaimer; I am obsessed with Game of Thrones. I was introduced to the television series before season 3 started and that was the beginning of a slippery slope into a Thrones obsession.

I have watched each episode multiple times and I read the books word by word. I haven’t (yet) sent George R. R. Martin any threatening emails or tweets to tell him to get a move on.

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Follow your feet to Cardiff

Cardiff is a new city to me; Wales is a new country to me. I am not sure how I managed to make it to 26 years without a visit to one of the countries closest to me, especially as I have been to both Scotland and England numerous times.

I visited Cardiff to attend Traverse travel blogging conference.  Included in the ticket price were ‘Sunday Experiences’ ranging from white water rafting to a day in the mountains.

I knew my time was tight (thanks to irregular flight services to Ireland) and I wanted to fit in a visit to Cardiff Castle, so I chose ‘Cardiff on Foot’; a walking tour around the city centre.

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Unpacking: 10 – 16 April 2016

Welcome to Unpacking, the post where I offload my adventures. I also include my journey to super runner (one day) and what I have been watching on TV and at the cinema. Other entries can be found here.

It’s been a glorious week at The Sarah Story HQ, which has mostly been in Fermanagh and who could complain about that?

My week began as the previous one ended, in Cardiff. I’m going to say it out loud; I love Cardiff. It’s a wonderful city and I really want to go back and explore.

national war memorial cardiff

The National War Memorial in Cardiff

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Unpacking: 3 – 9 April 2016

Welcome to Unpacking, the post where I offload my adventures. I also include my journey to super runner (one day) and what I have been watching on TV and at the cinema. Other entries can be found here.

Those who follow The Sarah Story closely will have noticed that I missed my unpacking post last week. I do apologise, but I could summarise the post in one sentence: I had a bad wisdom tooth and I spent Easter week in bed. Not the most exciting of weeks I’ll admit.

The week following was much more exciting. It included a lot of eating out with friends, a 10k, the festival of colour and a trip to Cardiff.

traverse cardiff city stadium

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Unpacking: 20 – 26 March 2016

Happy Easter from The Sarah Story! 🙂

This week was mostly Easter related alongside a ton of work.

ground creme egg muffin easter

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Pulled pork with salsa and guacamole

Who doesn’t love pulled pork? Slow roasted and slow-cooked meats are more prevalent now more than ever before.

As my Cambodian Chicken Fried Rice was such a hit,  Lynas got in touch to see if I could produce a recipe using their Easter meat pack.

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Unpacking: 13 – 19 March 2016

Welcome to the world of Sarah.

To the post where I unload (or unpack) everything to you!

street art derry londonderry northern ireland

Some interesting street art

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