Unpacking: 3 – 9 April 2016

Welcome to Unpacking, the post where I offload my adventures. I also include my journey to super runner (one day) and what I have been watching on TV and at the cinema. Other entries can be found here.

Those who follow The Sarah Story closely will have noticed that I missed my unpacking post last week. I do apologise, but I could summarise the post in one sentence: I had a bad wisdom tooth and I spent Easter week in bed. Not the most exciting of weeks I’ll admit.

The week following was much more exciting. It included a lot of eating out with friends, a 10k, the festival of colour and a trip to Cardiff.

traverse cardiff city stadium

I travelled to Cardiff early on Friday morning, for the top travel blogging conference, Traverse.  It was held at Cardiff City Stadium and I found an Airbnb property close by. It was a great spot; I ended up with a four poster bed.

traverse cardiff depot wanderluce

Oh look, Wanderluce and The Sarah Story are reunited at long last

As always, I learned plenty and I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about that soon. I do always leave these conferences on a bit of a downer because I feel inferior to all the large names that attend and share how wonderful and successful they are. On a brighter note, I came away inspired and I hope and plan to share more on this website rather than my usual feeble attempts at a weekly round up.

The week began with a 10k with Leah. After a week of being ill and not really doing anything at all, I was happy to complete the race. My time was shocking and I don’t even want to share it (ok, it was above 57 minutes), but after the week I’d had, I was over the moon to be able to finish.

runher 10k deramont belfast telegraph

After our running escapades, we popped into Belfast to throw coloured powder at each other. After my run, I was already a little cranky and add some organised fun on top of that…

I didn’t smile for any of the pictures, but it wasn’t all bad… I promise!

holi fest festival of colour titanic belfast

Thanks to Laura for the photo and to Leah for taking it!

I didn’t eat much the previous week (did I tell you I was ill?!), but I made up for it this week with two visits to Eddie Rockets and a sneaky cake grab at Miel et Moi. Nom.

To finish, I had my first article published in print (that made the front page). I wrote a piece about my experiences at school in response to a news article and it was wonderful to see it received so well (no trolls yet!).

I hope you all have a wonderful week – let me know what you are all doing x


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